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Short Dramas

Pleasure Beach (13mins, UK , 1989, U-matic, dir: Vinod Mahindru ) Sandwell College.

Cast: Tony Arkell, Martin Day and Kay Gatehouse.

Producer-Piers Dowell
Director - Vinod Mahindru
Camera - Steve Bradshaw

Pleasure Beach was part of our City & Guilds 770 in TV&Audio production along with two other videos, one of which garnered an in-house press release by John Kelly.

Pleasure Beach

Vinod Mahindru received a Winner's Prize for the Midland 's region in “The one day in the life of television” competition by The British Film Institute. I was the lucky receipient of a colour TV with remote control during this academic year.

Pleasure Beach was shot over a long weekend in April 1989 on the Aberdovey coast in Wales. Two friends have a bet to see who can win the attentions of a girl they see on the beach. Without dialogues, the video is punctuated by a musical accompaniment. Although highly commended by The British Amateur Video Awards (BAVA) in 1990/91, an audience for this early work is restricted to family and friends only. Pleasure beach along with a portfolio of stills built at The Birmingham Institute of Art and Design helped me gain a place at The London International Film School in 1991, now known as The London Film School.