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-- In Broad Daylight --
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In Broad Daylight
Short Dramas

Red Faces (9mins, UK , 2002, 35mm, dir: Vinod Mahindru )

Cast: Konstantinos Christodoulou, Phillip Gibbs, Paven Rayat and Darion Marshall.

Company-Marshall Mahindru
Producers-Carlos Nogueiras, Robin Dutta and Poppy Sandal.
Director-Vinod Mahindru
Camera-Morgan Peline
Editor-Keith Waters
Music-Darion Marshall

Shot in 35mm Academy with support from JD&C (Elstree Film Studios).Filmed in Birmingham .

Three youngster dissidents are chased and ultimately mugged by an adult assailant rival football fan.

The youngsters stick together to execute a plan to regain their belongings and gain retribution on their terms only. No dialogue. Made in conjunction with a full ‘AWARDS FOR ALL' lottery grant.

Red Faces