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-- In Broad Daylight --
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In Broad Daylight
Short Dramas

The Fruit Pastilles (18mins, UK ,1987, VHS, dir: Vinod Mahindru ) Matthew Boulton College

Cast: Vinod Mahindru, Steven Coke, Jason Tetley, Jackie Pickthorne and Ben Matthews.

Producers-Sharon Costello, Saera Salam and Neil Freeman

Director - Vinod Mahindru

Camera - Amjad Khan

The Fruit Pastilles

The Fruit Pastilles was a video exercise whilst studying for A-levels at Matthew Boulton College, Birmingham . For one term, one afternoon per week was dedicated to extra curriculum activities and in 1987 I chose video in my first year second term to explore a creative interest with a view to learning about photography and film in the future.

The Fruit Pastilles is a group of students miming to Sex Pistols songs and hence the audience for such work is limited to family and friends only. It does capture some of the spirit and enjoyment in creating a work of video in a group and an important influence would be the video lecturer (who's name escapes me) himself who was very encouraging and supportive. Enough for me to take a full time course in TV & Audio production at Sandwell College of Further and Higher Education the following year.