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Short Dramas

To Get Rich Is Glorious (5mins, UK , 1998, 16mm, dir: Vinod Mahindru ).

Aka: Hacerse Rico Es Genial
Or: Enriquecerse Es Glorioso
Cast: Joseph Slater, Alex Godfrey, Joel Atley, Shehzad Ahmad, and Lauren Morgan.
Company: Marshall Mahindru
Director: Vinod Mahindru
Camera: Ken Koh
Editor: G ü rel Mehmet
Music: Darion Marshall

To Get Rich Is Glorious

Four men have each individually gambled on the outcome of a boxing match which they watch on the television. Only one of them wins, leaving the other three to drown their sorrows by indulging in a pornographic video.
With the aids of the sounds from the television and through a series of close up expressions, the story is conveyed without the use of synch dialogue.

Cuatro hombres han apostado cada uno individualmente sobre el resultado de un combate de boxeo que verán en televisión. Sólo uno de ellos gana dejando a los otros tres que ahoguen sus penas.

La escena se ilustra con la ayuda de los sonidos de la televisión y una serie de primeros planos, la historia se cuenta sin utlizar diálogo sincronizado.

To Get Rich Is Glorious was the first venture of Marshall Mahindru the partnership team of Vinod Mahindru and Darion Marshall.The film was given a grant to produce its first 16mm optical print for festival screenings by The British Council and was taken up by the Halloween Society for certain screening events. The film was selected at The 27th Huesca International Short Film Festival, Spain 1999 and screened at The 9th Experimental Cinema Week, Madrid, Spain 1999.