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Usher’s Tinsel Town dream

VINOD MAHINDRU has got Hollywood in focus 24 hours a day.
The cinema usher by night spends his days pursuing the dream of millions - to become a filmmaker who can fill the silver screen.
His latest 15-minute short, In Broad Daylight, was shot in and around Broad Street close to the UGC Cinema at Five Ways where he works.
Harborne-based Vinod, aged 33, has been collaborating with similar free spirit Darion Marshall, 36, a self-taught multi-instrumentalist who composes the music.

Made by their own company, Marshall Mahindru, In Broad Daylight tells the story of a near-deserted, post September 11 world.
It has a lot in common with Danny Boyle's recent hit, 28 Days Later, but it was actually made first.
"The film is all about progressing technologically yet regressing emotionally in a world where we don't learn from our mistakes", said Vinod.
Vinod, who has passed a two-year diploma in film making, is now looking for local actors for his next short. Anyone interested should telephone Vinod at Marshall Mahindru on 07813-284-203.

Evening Mail - 10.04.2003

by Graham Young - Evening Mail, 10.04.2003
IN FOCUS: Vinod Mahindru (bottom) and Darion Marshall collaborating on their next short film in Birmingham. Picture: Trevor Roberts